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720 "Invisible Mode" / "No Bees" Glitch
** Thanks to Michael Stanton - The following description is his**
"This occurs incredibly seldom when riding in the street.  Canít be entirely sure what triggers this as itís happened maybe a dozen times perhaps.  We think itís a glitch in the game for sure.  Something like this; if you crash into something at speed (from a jump) but hit another object (car / cyclist etc) then when the game resets your character position it can be minus a shadow.  Sounds good? Well it is initially but this means itís very hard to judge height / spins because there is no shadow.  Couple this with the fact you no longer score any bonuses the only saving grace would be the fact that you are (until you ride to the next Park) invincible.  The Bees cannot kill you as you have no shadow for them to track but if you crash into something while in this mode then your shadow sometimes regenerates.  The Bees at this stage are going insane by this point -and will most probably kill you almost immediately after you respawn - unless youíre very lucky.   Once my friends & I took it in turns to get a high score like this when a double player session was Ďinterruptedí in this way.  But I seem to remember we scored about 250,000 or thereabouts on one long street session but the shadow came back!  Play resumed but the game was reset shortly after amongst common agreement.  However, all the scores are 100% genuine in my website screen mock-up.  I have witnesses!"

On 3/22/08 this happend to me finally. It was just as Michael described: I crashed, and no longer had a shadow. I could skate around and would not be hit by the bees, other skaters, cars, or anything; however occasionally I would be hit by something that was in a different part of the map. As Michael said, the game seemed to be registering my position in another part of the map. The terrain however, was accurate, meaning I could still jump the water and other hazzards and earn points. The bees were never able to get me. I skated around for around an hour and a half and earned 1M points.
Here is a quick video description of what was going on - Further below are pictures and the final score.
The smudge in the middle is the bees - They were in the syringe formation, and moving super fast since they'd been chasing me for like an hour.
The bees just fly through you, as do any other skaters, cars, bikers, etc...
One millions points. I have a wicked blister on my left hand at this stage - No joke.
The primary score counter show's six zeroes, but the "next ticket" message shows the correct points...but it replaced the "P" in points.
The high score table also shows the full score received.
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